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Sellenger's Round

Round for as many as will

   Hands-all, 8 slips L; 8 slips back to R.
   Chorus: All move forward towards the centre by setting right then left, 
   all fall back to places; partners set and turn single. All that again.
   Hands-all, forward a double towards centre, fall back to places; repeat. Chorus.
   Partners side; repeat. Chorus.
   Arm R; arm L. Chorus.
   Slip L; slip R. Chorus.

Sellenger's Round

or The Beginning of the World

From “The Playford Ball” Round for as many as will.

Part I
   A  1-8 All take hands and circle eight slips
         to the left and eight back.
   B1  1-2 All set forward to center {no hands}.
       3-4 Fall back a double to place.
       5-8 Partners set and turn single.
   B2  1-8 Repeat B1.
Part II
   A   1-8 With hands, all forward a double to center {not setting}
          and fall back a double.  That again.
   BB  1-16 As in Part I.
Part III
   A   1-8 Partners side twice.
   BB  1-16 As in Part I. 
Part IV
   A   1-8 Partners arm right, then arm left.
   BB  1-16 As in Part I.
Part V
   ABB Repeat Part I.
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