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longways duple
Recording: (too fast!)
Video: (middle dance)

   A1 1-4  1st corners set and turn single
      5-8  C2 turn 2H
   A2 1-4  2nd corners set and turn single
      5-8  C1 same, ... into
   B1 1-6  C1 fig 8 down thru C2 to place
      7-8  C1 clap own hands once, cast down, C2 move up
   B2 1-4  2nd corners cross (in 1st pos)
           1st cornters cross
      5-8  4 hands half way, then all turn S Lt out to
           progressed place
           (come in for 4 hands and make big loop single)

Scotch Morris 1727 duple minor, longways

   Part        Bars        Description
   A1        4        1st corners set & turn single
           4        2's turn 2-hands
   A2        4        2nd corners set & turn single
           4        1's turn 2-hands
   B1        6        1's figure 8 down through 2's
           2        1's clap own hands & cast
   B2        2        2nd corners change
           2        1st corners change
           2        Circle left 1/2
           2        All turn single to left
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