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Kynaston /Walsh. 1711.
Modern interpretation by Tom Cook a (1979).
Longways for three couples, proper.

A1  1-8   While first man casts down and goes quite round the second couple
          into his partner's place and 3rd woman casts up and likewise goes
          round second couple into her partner's place, first woman and third
          man in bar 1 balance back (not setting) then follow their partners
          round until first woman is below and third man above the second
          couple when they turn Left hand into their partner's original places.
A2  1-8   First and third couples repeat the movement in A1, all four doing as
          their partners then did.
B1  1-8   Second couple go half figure of 8 down through third couple, cross in
          middle places and cast up to the top proper. First couple lead down
          in bars 7 and 8 into hands four with third couple.
    9-16  While first and third couples circle L half way, second couple turn half
          way. All fall back in progressed places, improper. Then partners turn
          half and fall back proper. 
B2. 1-8   Third couple (in middle places) half left hand turn, then half figure of 
          8 down through first couple, both finishing on the center line of the set 
          with L shoulders adjacent (man below woman). 
    9-10  Third couple take two steps back (not setting) to middle places, then
    11-16 Cast up to the top and turn with crossed hands down the middle to
          middle places, proper. All are progressed. 
Repeat the whole twice to leave all in original places. 

Note: First couple in A1 and A2 move along a track similar to that which starts ‘Corn Riggs', except that the man leads round first. Third couple simultaneously perform diametrically opposite movement.

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