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Scotch Cap

Longways for six
Dancing Master of 1651.
Interpreted by Cecil Sharp in 1916.
It is a USA dance, a proper 3 couple

   First Figure
   A     8  Up a double and back twice
   B1    4  First and second ladies facing second and third men, balance
            back and change places diagonally
         4  First man change with third lady
   B2    8  Repeat, ending in original places
   Second Figure
   A     8  Partners side twice
   B1    4  Take hands along the sides, and lines fall back a double and forward
         4  First and third men, first and third ladies, second couple:
            arm right and fall back to place
   B2    4  Lines fall back as before
         4  Turn partner both hands
   Third Figure
   A     8  Partners arm right and left
   B1    2  Men four slips up, ladies four slips down, ending in a line in the
            center (third man facing first lady).
         6  Third man and first lady being progressive hey, handing back to 
   B2    8  Do the same with men slipping down and ladies slipping up.


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