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Saturday the 13th

John Nash April 12, 2019
First danced on April 13, 2019 at our Tea Dance

To the tune “Hatfield House”;

3 couple set, proper

A1 1-8 C1 cross and dance down outside to bottom
       as C2 move up 1 place. 
       C1 lead up improper to second place
A2 1-4 C1 and C2 circle L 1/2 way
       (C1 now proper, C2 improper)
   5-8 C2 and C3 circle R 1/2 way
       (C2 have to change hands in the transition. 
        There is time to do this smoothly, though 
        it may need some thought and practice. 
        End with C3 improper in middle, C2 proper
        at bottom.)
B1 1-4 Facing Ptnr, C1 and C3 (top 4) 2 changes
       (order is C3 proper, C1 improper, C2 proper)
   5-8 M1 and M2 cross; W1 and W2 cross (bottom 4)
       (order now C3 proper, C2 improper, C1 proper)
B2 1-8 C2 lead up and cross through top couple (C3)
       and dance to bottom outside on own sides,
       C1 moving up.
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