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Salt of the Earth

4 Couple set, C1 and C3 Improper
Orly L. Krasner, 2001

A1 1-4   Partners set right and left, then turn single right. 
   5-6   Partners right-hand turn half way. 
   7-8   Partners left-hand turn halfway. 
A2 1-4   Four diagonal changes as follows: On the right diagonal, dancers cross 
         right shoulder; on the left diagonal, cross left shoulder; repeat. 
          Order is now: 4-3-2-1, all crossed over. 
B  1-4   In a ring of eight, circle right halfway. All home. 
   5-8   Partners gypsy left shoulder once around. 
   9-10  In halves of the set, star left halfway. 
   11-12 Middle two couples, star right halfway. 
   13-16 In halves of the set, star left once around.
           Progression: 2-4-1-3

Teaching tips: In A2, it's important not to get ahead of the music. Each change is two waltz steps and it helps to have the dancers notice their straight lines after each pass.

I composed this dance for Jacqueline Schwab and Edmund Robinson on the occasion of their marriage. The biblical title comes from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5;13); it seemed to me an apt reference to people who make their surroundings worth savoring, but also to Edmund's role as a Unitarian minister. Childgrove included this tune on their 2008 recording Wanderlust.

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