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Sally in our Ally

Duple proper longways, triple time (3/4)
Walsh from 1719. Adapted by Schwab in 1987

There are several videos of this dance on the Lambertsville ECD Video list. All of them show how challenging the timing in this dance is for dancers. Despite the languid tune, dancers must move VERY briskly. And there is really no time to catch up. An unforgiving dance, but a very nice one if all the dancers can handle to pace. — nashjc 2019/04/14 16:02

A1   1-4   First corners cast left (first man down, second woman up), 
           and dance a diagonal half figure eight through the middle 
           (passing left shoulder), ending in each other's place.
A2   1-4   Second corners cast right (first woman down, second man up), 
           and dance as above (passing right shoulder). 
           All end progressed and improper.
B1   1-4   All fall back three steps, come forward three steps, 
           cross for three steps and turn right in three steps 
           to face partner.
     5-8   Four changes of a circular hey (partners facing, without hands).
B2   1     Original first corners left shoulder change.
     2     Original second corners right shoulder change.
     3-4   All circle left once round (finishing improper).
     5-8   First couple cast off, all two hand turn to own side 
           (first couple half, second couple once and a half).
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