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Sally in our Ally Duple proper longways, triple time (3/4)

   Al        1-4        First corners cast left (first man down, second woman up), 
                   and dance a diagonal half figure eight through the middle 
                   (passing left shoulder), ending in each other's place.
   A2         1-4         Second corners cast right (first woman down, second man up), 
                   and dance as above (passing right shoulder). 
                   All end progressed and improper.
   Bl         1-4         All fall back three steps, come forward three steps, 
                   cross for three steps and turn right in three steps 
                   to face partner.
           5-8         Four changes of a circular hey (partners facing, without hands).
   B2         1         Original first corners left shoulder change.
           2         Original second corners right shoulder change.
           3-4         All circle left once round (finishing improper).
           5-8         First couple cast off, all two hand turn to own side 
                   (first couple half, second couple once and a half).
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