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(an early contra? And internal name has a U here by error.) longways triple minor,

32 bar reel in 4/4 (e.g., Cracker's reel)

   A  Side lines fwd and back (in groups of 3 cpls)
      Circle 6 hands round to left 3/4, W face D, M face U)
   B  (sets now across hall)
      C1 "down" centre, back and cast to 2nd place, 2s move up
   A  Rt elbow partial swing partner,lt elbow 1st corner,
      Rt elbow parter, lt elbow 2nd corner, back to place (NO partner here!)
   B  Lines of 3 fwd and back, then 6 hands LEFT to lines up and down
      Look for new set of 3 couples!!


music: tune “Sacketts Harbour”

Sackett's Harbor was the headquarters of the American fleet on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. The dance references a successful American effort in May, 1814, to evade a British naval blockade. The dance is sometimes used to teach contra corners.

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