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RUSSIAN DANCE TriMin David Wall 1764

   A1           1st Man cast to 2nd place (2nd Man moving up) & cross Rsh with 3rd Wo,
              then 1st Wo cast to 2nd place (2nd Wo moving up) & cross Rsh with 3rd Man;
   A2           1st & 3rd Cos Hey 2 changes starting Rh with partner, then 1st Co lead up
              through 2nd Co (at top) & cast back to middle place, finishing (Man down &
              Wo up) in lines across set;
   B1           Lines set R & L twice, 1st Co turning into 2nd place on own side on 2nd set L,
              then set R & L twice in side lines;
   B2         1st Co Rh turn with 1st corners, pass each other with Lh, Rh turn 2nd corners 
              then pass Lh back to own side in 2nd place.
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