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Rural Sports

3 couple set, longways, proper
Tune: Rural Sports

A1  16  Lines go forward & back, then partners change places
A2  16  Lines again forward & back, then partners 2-hand turn once
        [all improper[

B1  16  1s cross & cast down to middle place proper, 2s moving up,
        then circle-L w/3s
B2  16  3s gate 1s down, then 1s circle-R w/ 2s at top

C1  16  Straight heys across set: 1st man down & 1st woman up, starting
        L-shoulder w/ R diagonal
C2  16  Changing ends, 1s straight heys across, starting R-shoulder w/
        L diagonal, 1s finish in middle place proper

D1   8  1s cross L-shoulder, man down & woman up, pass their R
        diagonal R-shoulder; man continues round & below 3s back to
        middle place, proper, while woman does same round & above
        2s; while long 1st corners cross L-shoulders & turn R to face
        across set
     8  All R-hand turn the dancer they now face
        [[2nd|& 3rd men at top; 1s in middle; 2nd & 3rd women at bottom]]
D2   8  Changing ends (active man up, woman down) all repeat D1 in
        reverse: 1s cross R, go L-shoulder round their L diagonal; man
        continues round & above top back to middle place, proper,
        while woman does the same round and below bottom; while
        long 2nd corners cross R-shoulders & turn L to face across set
     8  All L-hand turn partners
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