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duple longways, 2nd cu. improper (6/8) (G)
Reconstruction: Charles Bolton
Playford, The English Dancing Master, vol. 1, 1st ed., 1651
Bolton, Retreads, vol. 6, # 58
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. IX, by Bare Necessities -

A1/2  1-4  Ptnrs. R-sh. side into line; L-sh. side ...

B1/2  1-2  In ling lines (w. hands), slip L & back [[4|slips each way]].

C1/2  1-2  Ptnrs. R-sh. back to back [[8|steps]].

D1    1-4  Clapping: tog.; R; tog.; L; tog.; cross hands on chest; both; (hold or nothing).

D2    1-4  Ptnrs. set R & L; move 4 steps R (prog.): man’s side down/wo’s. side up, 
           crossing at top or btm. of set—pass 1 person of opp. sex) (prog.).
      Note: Useful to walk prog. before teaching dance, i.e. circle R.


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