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Round About Our Coal Fire

Published by Bride in 1766.
Adapted by Schwab in ~1985
and further adapted by Cook in 1987.
Proper duple minor dance
(Based on Tom Cook's interpretation in Hunter's Moon, except he calls for a two couple set)
The dance is 64 bars: AABBAABB

A1   Cpl.1 lead down (1 bar), turn inwards & lead up (1 bar); 
     1s cast down, 2s leading up (2 bars); 
A2   orig. Cpl.2 do the same, all back to orig. places
     Note1: It can be helpful if couple 1, as they get back to place,
     turn single away from each other into the hey.
B1   Cpl.1 & W2 straight hey for 3 across room, (W2 pass left shoulders with M1); 
B2   Cpl.1 continue the hey w/ M2, who starts by passing W1 by R sh.
     Note2: It is important that couple 1 finish the hey smartly, so that
     W1 can begin her advance toward M2
A3   W1 advances towards M2, who retreats, w/ 2 hands pulls him to ctr of the set; 
     they turn 2-hands once & fall bk; 
A4   M1 does the same w/ W2
B3   Cpl.1 cross, cast below Cpl.2 (who move up), 
     Cpl.1 2-hands-turn half, fall back to prog. places; partners facing,
B4   circular-hey, 4 changes. 
     Note3: Caller should decide if circular-hey (no hands) or R&L (hands)
     to avoid confusion.


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