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Rose of Sharon

(1989, Fried de Metz Herman)
duple minor longways improper

A1   6  R-hand star 3⁄4, easing out of star into
     6  Partners (along the lines) change by R-shoulder.
     6  R-hand star 3⁄4, easing out for 

A2   6  All R-hand cross w/partner, going straight into
     6  L-hand turn once w/ neighbor in line, straight into
     6  All R-hand cross w/partner.
B1   8  1W & 2s half-hey for 3 across set. 
        (2M cast down and women pass R to start; 1W ends
        progressed & proper.)
     8  2s dance 2nd half of hey w/ 1M joining in, 
        passing 2W by L-shoulder to start. (1M ends
        in 2nd place proper; 2s end in 1st place proper.)
B2   8  1s half-figure 8 through couple below, 2s facing down for
     8  Original neighbors (in line) L-hand turn once around.

Video: (Note: does not seem to match instructions.)

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