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Rory O'More

contra – proper longways

   as transcribed at Pinewoods by JN 2000
   C1 cross into 2nd place
   Long wavy lines, balance
   Slide L in front of neighbour (twiddles common!)
   Balance wavy line, then slide R
   RH turn partner(?) to meet corner
   Swing on the side (M improper?)
   Ladies chain across
   C1 swing, ending in middle for new 2nd place ready to go again.
   From net #1 (need to find tune)
   Rory O'More
   Traditional, always danced to the tune of the same name
   Triple and proper or (especially in recent years) duple and proper
   A1 Actives give right to partner, pull by,  and go outside down below two (8)
   Come back up across diagonally, cast off around your same-sex neighbor (who moves up)
   and step into the center to form a long wave of actives (partners holding right hands) (8)
   A2  Actives, in line, balance, right (toward partner) then left (away from partner) (4);
   slide right to change places with partner (4)
   Balance, left (toward partner) then right (away from partner) (4);
   slide left to change places with partner (4)
   B1 Contra corners (16)
   B2 Active balance and swing (16)
   From net #2
   Dance: Rory o' More
   32-bar Jig
   2 couples
   Set shape: Longwise - 4
   Devised by:
   Advance and Retire (ADVRET;2S;)
   Arches (ARCHES)
   Advance and Retire (ADVRET;2S;)
   Arches (ARCHES)
   Lead down and up (DWNUP;LEAD;)
   Poussette 2 couples (POUSS;2C;)
   Published in:
   Book  1 [[9]]*
   Pocket: Books 1, 2, 3 [[9]]
   101 Scottish Country Dances [[89]]
   Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 7 [[138]]
   Scottish Country Dances in Diagrams. Ed. 6 [[128]]
   Sources tagged `*' are considered most authoritative.
   Recommended Tunes:
   Garry Owen ((unknown))
   Rory O' More ((traditional))
   Alastair Hunter and the Lorne Scottish Dance Band (Hunter, Alastair & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band), track 12
   Book  1. Music for Twelve Traditional Dances (Crowe, Bobby and his Scottish Dance Band), track 8
   Favourite Scottish Dance Music Vol. 2 (Blue, Jimmy and his Scottish Band), track 10
   Favourite Tunes - Favourite Dances (Johnstone, Jim and his Band), track 13
   Highlander Music Scottish Dances Vol  9 (Legget, Sandy & the Carseloch Band), track 5 [[pace|33.1]]
   Jigtime (Shand, Jimmy and his Band), track 4
   Measure of Scotch, A (Johnstone, Jim and his Band), track 3
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