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Red House 1721 duple minor, longways

   Part        Bars        Description
   A1        4        1's forward and back
           4        1's set and cast down while the 2's move up
   A2        8        1's repeat A1, casting up
   B1        8        1st man, followed by 1st woman: cast below 2nd man, 
                   cross up above 2nd woman, go clockwise around 2nd woman 
                   and end in 2nd place while 2's move up on the last four 
                   beats. All end progressed 
   B2        8        2nd woman, followed by 2nd man, cast off around 1st woman 
                   & cross up above 1st man & cast back down, ending in original places
   C1        8        2nd man hey with 1's, start passing 1st woman by right shoulder
   C2        8        2nd woman hey with 1's, start passing 1st man by left shoulder.
                   End the hey with the 1's casting down, 2's leading up 
                   (this feels natural for the three people doing the hey, 
                   but 2nd man must be alert to move up)
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