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Red and All Red

Samuel, Ann, and Peter Thompson,
Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Fashionable Country Dances, 1757.
Charles Bolton, Retreads, vol. 5, 1991.
2/4, G major;

proper three-couple longways

A1  1- 4 Partners set and turn single.
    5- 8 Partners two-hand turn halfway, end close, and fall back.
A2  1- 4 Ones set, join hands, and set to second woman who acknowledges.
    5- 8 Ones and second woman circle left once around.
B1  1- 2 Ones set to second man who acknowledges.
    3- 6 Ones and second man circle left once around.
    7-10 First man lead partner behind the men, leave her there,
         continue around the set, and stand behind the women.
         When he arrives, twos and three turn in and join hands in circles of three.
   11-14 Hands-three circle left once around.
         Twos and three take partner's hand to form a circle of six.
B2  1- 6 Hands-six circle left once around.
    7-10 Ends (twos and threes) continue clockwise
         around the outside of the set to change places.
   11-14 Partners two-hand turn once around.
         End in the order 3, 1, 2.


T:Red and All Red
S:Peter Barnes, "English Country Dance Tunes, vol. 2", p108
K:G major
%%MIDI gchord fc
GA|"G"BA Bd|"C"G2 GA|"G"BA "C"Bc|"D"{B}A2 AA|"G"BB "Em"dd|"A"fe d^c|"D"d2 dd|d2:|
|:BB|"C"cB cd|e2dc|"G"cB AG|"D"d2ef|"G"gf ed|"C"cB AG|
"G"d2de|"Am"c2cd|"G/b"B2Bc|"D"A2df|"G"ge "C"dc|"G"B2"D"cA|"G"G2GG|G2:|
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