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Recruiting Officer

(adapted slightly)
Music= 32 bar jig/reel
Tune: Recruiting Officer
Form: longways

    A1 	1cu gallop down the middle of the set (4 steps only) and back. 
	1cu separate and slip down the outside of the set and back
    A2 	1cu does a figure of 8 through the 2cu
    B1 	R/L hand star
    B2 	3 changes - give RH to partner, change places; give left to person 
        next to you, change places; give right across set and change places 
        (progression). Turn Single. 

Recruiting Officer

Longways duple minor
Tune: Recruiting Officer

A1 1-8  1st man cast off round 2nd man and turn 2nd woman once
        round R.H. while 1st woman follows her partner and turns
        2nd man once round L.H.
           1st couple are now improper below 2nd couple
A2 1-8  1st couple and NEXT 2nd couple whole double figure g
        starting with 1st couple crossing over and dancing down,
        through the 2nd couple who cast up. Finish by 1st couple
        dancing up the outside of the set to their original place
           2nd coup/e finish the figure 8 proper
B1 1-4  1st -couple cross over and dance into 2nd couple's place as
        2nd couple move up the middle (progression)
B1 5-8  1st and 2nd couple R.H. star.
B2 1-4  All 4 set towards each other and turn single away.
B2 5-8  1st and 2nd couple L.H. star. 

Source: Twenty Four New Country Dances for
the year l7t0 by Mr. Kynaston

O Copyright L985 Kepas Consultants. Eynsham Oxford

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