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Randolph Farewell

(by Fried deMetz Herman; tune by Tom Siess)
3 couples in circle; 3/4 time

A Right-hand turn to partner, women left-hand star in middle;
  meet partner with right hand, then men left-hand star in middle
  Meet partner with right hand into a grand chain around the set; 
  then turn single left 
B C1 lead between other two couples, then M1 cross partner 
     in front, C1 cast around 1 person, cross over, cast back to place.
     All circle left 2 waltz steps, balance left and right; repeat home

repeat with C2 leading through in B, then with C3 leading through in B

Randolph Farewell

Round for three couples, numbered counterclockwise, G Major, 3/4
Fringe Benefits (Herman), 1999. Dance by Fried de Metz Herman; tune “Randolph Farewell” by Tom Siess.

  A1 1-2  Partners right-hand turn three-quarters into -
     3-4  Women left hands across while men move clockwise
          around the set.
     5-6  Partners right-hand turn halfway into -
     7-8  Men left hands across while women move clockwise
          around the set.
  A2 1-6  Starting with right hand to partner, three changes
          of a grand chain around set (two waltz steps for
          each change).
     7-8  Facing partner, all turn single left.
  B1 1-4  1st couple, woman in the lead, cross through the
          set and out between the other two couples, 1st
          woman moving to the left around one person and in
          through the 3rd couple, 1st man to the right around
          one person and in through the 2nd couple.
     5-8  1st couple pass right shoulder and move out between
          opposite couple, around one person to original
          place (1st man moving left and 1st woman right).
  B2 1-4  Circle six left, taking two waltz steps, then two
          single steps (one step to each bar).
     5-8  Repeat B2 1-4, releasing hands in time to start A1
          facing partner. Repeat dance twice more, with the
          2nd, then 3rd couple, leading in B1.


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