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Ramsgate Assembly

As in “The Playford Ball”
Thomas Budd and published in 1795.
Adapted by A. Simons in 1972.
Longways for 3 couples


   A1 1-8 1st and 2nd couples set twice, then half right-and-left.
   A2 1-8 Repeat A1, facing neighbors.
   B1 1-8 1st couple lead down center and back, 
          then cast down to second place, 2nd couple moving up.
   B2 1-4 All take right hands with partner, balance forward, 
          back and change places.
      5-8 Repeat B2, 1-4 with left hands.
   C1 1-4 1st man turn 3rd woman right-hand while 1st woman 
          turn 2nd man right-hand
      5-8 1st couple turn left-hand.
   C2 1-8 1st man turn 2nd woman right-hand whlle 1st woman 
          turn 3rd man right-hand, then 1st couple turn two-hands 
          moving down center to bottom place, 3rd couple casting 
          up to middle place.
   Repeat dance twice more.
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