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The Quizzical Snob

Choreography: Sharon Green, 2014
Tune: Quizzical Snob, Martha Stokely, 2006
Duple Minor Longways proper

A1 1-2	1st Corners cross R-shoulder, Hole in the Wall 
   3-4	Opposites cross straight across the set, Hole in the Wall
A2 1-2	2nd Corners (now in 1st Corners' position) the same
   3-4	Partners cross straight across the set, Hole in the Wall
 	 	[All now progressed, improper]
B1 1-2	Partners, R-shoulder siding
   3-4	Partners, R-shoulder gypsy once round INTO
B2 1-4	Whole Poussette clockwise
 	 	[All now face up]
C1 1-4	Twos cast down, cross up, cast to end of a line of 4 facing up
 	 while Ones lead up, cast down, 2-hand turn ½ way into middle of the line
C2 1-2	Line of 4 lead up (3), fall back (3)
   3-4	Twos gate the Ones up and around (¾) into progressed place


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