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The Punch Bowl

Playford, 1701
Longways for as many as will
Interpreted by Pat Shaw in 1969

   A1   12    Ones cross and go below, meet and lead through couple below 
              and cast back to place
              As seconds meet and lead up, separate and go outside the 
              down-coming ones, turn inward to partners and lead down to meet 
              their original ones
         6    Circle half-way
         6    Ones cast, twwo lead up
   A2   24    Reverse roles and repeat all that (all now in original place 
   B1    3    Second corner positions change
         3    First corner positions change
         6    Circle half-way
         6    One cast, twos lead up
         6    Turn partner half-way to get proper

The Punchbowl

by Pat Shaw 19?? duple minor, longways

Part  Bars  Description
A1    2    1's cross and go below, while the 2's lead up one place
      2    1's lead down between new 2's, while 2's dance up the outside
           1's cast up one place while the 2's lead down
           End facing your neighbor, 1's below the 2's, 1's improper 
      2    Circle left 1/2 
      2    1's cast down while the 2's lead up
           End with 1's below the 2's, 2's improper 
A2    8    Repeat A1 with 1's and 2's roles reversed
           End with the 1's above the 2's, all improper
B     1    2nd corners (on the right diagonal) cross
      1    1st corners cross
      2    Circle left 1/2
      2    1's cast down while the 2's lead up
      2    Partners two-hand turn 1/2

Interpretation: Colin Hume, around 1995.

The Punch-Bowl

Format: Longways duple.

A1: Ones cross moving down through the twos 
    (twos move slightly up and in), down
     outside the next twos, meet and lead 
     up through them (12 steps). With original twos
     circle half-way; ones cast, twos lead up.
A2: Twos the same. [All now improper]
B:  First corner positions (first lady, second man) 
    cross; second corners cross (3 steps
    each); circle left half-way. Ones meet, then cast, 
    twos lead up; all two-hand turn
    half-way finishing close to partner and then fall back.


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