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Prince William

Walsh in 1731.
Proper 3 couple longways dance.
Adapted by Pat Shaw in 1960.


   First Figure
   A1   16  First couple mirror hey on opposite side (cross-over)
            (First lady cross to pass between men, first man to pass between ladies)
   A2   16  First couple cross back and mirror hey on own side.
   B1   16  First couple cross and go below as second lead up, 
             and turn both hands 1 1/2 times.
   B2   16  Second couple the same, first lead up.
   A3   16  Contra corners: First man cross down middle and turn third lady right
             as first lady, passing behind her partner (second lady move up),
             turns second man right
            First couple turn partner left.
   A4   16  First couple turn other corner right, partner left.
            End proper, facing right wall
   B3   16  First couple lead out and cast around ladies
            Return through ends to middle.
   B3   16  2-hand turn 1 1/4, end proper facing left wall
   B4   16  First couple lead out and cast around men
            Return through ends to middle.
   B4   16  2-hand turn to bottom, as third couple cast to middle.
     Repeat two more times until all in original places
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