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Prince George's Birthday   Duple longways       Dancing Master V2. 1713
A1 (1-4)   1st & 2ndCs set & turn S.
     (5-8)    1st.Crns. change places, then go c-w around Nbrs. to own place.

A2 (1-8) As in A1, 2nd. Crns changing places & going round to own place. B1 (1-2) Men clap-h twice with each other, then once with Ptn.

     (3-4)    all turn S
     (5-8)   1st & 2nd Cs 4 changes of Rts & Lts.

B2 (1-6) 1stC lead down middle (1 bar), back to top, cast into 2nd. place, lead thro' next C & cast back to progressed place.

     (7-8)    1stC turn 2-h once round.


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