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Polka Dot

communicated by John Park

“Scottish” dance for five people; 5 x 32 bars

“Chrysalis”, a tune by Chris Sackett (2009)

           LS      C         RS
  T - top, B - bottom, C - Centre, LS - left side, RS - right side
   1-8     Rsh hay of three with T, C, and B (C and T pass right shoulders).
   9-16    Lsh hay of three with sides (C and LS pass left shoulders).
   17-20   C and T set once (right and left) and turn half way.
   21-24   T and LS set once, turn half way.
   25-28   LS and B set once, turn half way.
   29-32   B and RS set once, turn half way.
           RS begins reel with new T and B.
           Dance finishes when original C again in centre.

video music+

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