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Pleasures of the Town

to 'The Fair Maid of the Inn'

A triple minor longways dance from Thompson's, Twenty Four Country Dance, 1777.

   A1 With 16 walking steps The 2.d and 3.d Gent.n 
      take hands & go round their Partners
   A2 the Ladies the same.
   B1 All take low promenade hold (r.h. in r.h. over l.h. in l.h.) 
      with partner and with 16 walking steps travel steps the 
      first Cu. go round with the Allemand till they come in their 
      places again the 2.d and 3.rd Cu. follows so as to complete 
      a promenade cast to left and back to place, finish facing 
      partner and pushing back to own side, but 1s and 2s retain 
      r.h. with partner.
   B2 With 8 steps 1s and 2s cross over by with 8 steps into 
      partners place on improper side and then half right and left.

From John Garden:

The P&P choreographer followed the Apted editors in putting this dance to the tune ascribed by Thompson to 'The Fair Maid of the Inn', and also followed the Apted editor in having the A and B parts played just once. The original of both 'The Fair Maid of

The above reconstruction of Thompson's Pleasures of the Town fits the description better than the Apted editors, but is unsatisfactory in one main respect. In the late 18th early 19th century 'Right and Left' was invariable a full rights and lefts.

The 1st 2nd and 3rd gentm pass round their partners they turn to them. Ladies do the same. Lead down 2 couple. Up again. Cast down one couple. Right & left at top.

The two main differences between these and Thompson's instructions are, firstly, that in what must be B1, instead of allemande to place, their is a lead down, back and cast, and secondly, there is no 'cross to partner's place' at the beginning of B2.

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