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duple longways (9/8) (G)
Choreography: Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, © 2007
Recording: - better

Al 1-4 Partners R-shoulder back to back
   S-8 Partners 2-hand turn once round and open up to face neighbor (keep inside hands)
A2 1-4 Partners open draw poussette CW halfway and end facing neighbor
   5-8 Neighbors R-shoulder back to back
BI 1-4 1s half figure 8 up through 2s (skipping)
   5-8 2s half figure 8 down through Is (skipping)
B2 1-8 Four changes of rights and lefts (R-hand to partner to begin)

Music: The Fresh Jug, a traditional Irish slip jig
Teaching point:
The ‘open draw poussette” in A2 feels much like a circle except you have hands joined only with partner.
Ashland Oregon is the home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We have friends from the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle who come once or twice a year to see plays. We often have a brunch and dance party at our house. Thanks to Sherry Kumler, Rosemary Murphree, and Gregor Ure who tested this dance on one of those visits.

Impropriety, vol. II, Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett
Named in honor of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in Ashland.
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. XIII, by Bare Necessities
Instructions in private area
Video: Tune called “The Fresh Jug” (trad.);

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