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THE PLAY’S THE THING—duple longways (9/8) (G)
Choreography: Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, © 2007
Tune: The Fresh Jug (trad.)
Impropriety, vol. II, Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett
Named in honor of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in Ashland.
Recording: Boston Centre Series, vol. XIII, by Bare Necessities

A1  1-4  Ptnrs. R-sh. back to back.

    5-8  Ptnrs. 2-hd. turn once round, opening up to face nbr. (keep inside hands).

A2 1-4 Ptnrs. open draw poussette CW halfway (end facing nbr.)

    5-8  Nbrs. R-sh. back to back.

B1 1-4 1st cu. half 8 up thru 2nd cu. (skipping) (note: this is quick).

    5-8  2nd cu. same down thru 1st cu.

B2 1-8 4 changes R & L (ptnrs. giving R-hds. to begin).

Note fm Jacqueline: open-draw poussette is a one-handed, draw poussette (looks like a circle L, halfway, with ptnrs., only, holding inside hands, so the circle is broken in two places).


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