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PINS AND NEEDLES (traditional contra, duple, 32 bar jig)

   A1 C1 Rt H 1/2 turn to stand between C2. Join Lt hand (2s move up??)
      Balance in line of 4
      Turn contrary 1/2 turn
   A2 Turn contraries 1/2 way
      balance 4 in line
      C1 and C2 turn 1/2 way and balance to each other in centre ??
   B1 C1 lead down and back to 2nd place
   B2 ballroom hold and couples polka round each other once

PINS AND NEEDLES (Northumberland corruption of Prince of Wales)

   (longways duple -- any 16 bar jig)
   A1 C1 give Rt hand, turn 1/2 way to stand between C2. Balance
      4 in line. Turn contrary 1/2 way. Balance 4 in line (once
      to R, once to L)
   A2  Turn contrary 1/2 way, balance. C1 turn 1/2 way, balance to 
       each other in centre
      (back on own side)
   B1 C1 lead down and back to 2 (2s move up, turn is individual)
   B2 all take ballroom hold, polka round each other counter clockwise
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