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Picking up Sticks

As in “The Playford Ball”
Longways for 3 couples
Traditional tune “Lavena”
or more lively:

   Part I
   A1 1-8 Partners lead up a double and fall back a double. That again.
   A2 1-4 1st man change places with middle dancer opposite, 
          then with last dancer on his own side. 
      5-8 All lead up a double and fall back a double.
   A3 1-8 1st woman change twice as 1st man did, 
          then all lead up a double and fall back a double.
   A4 1-8 2nd woman, now at top, the same.
   A5 1-8 2nd man, now at top, the same.
   A6 1-8 3rd man, now at top, the same.
   A7 1-8 3rd woman, now at top, the same, 
          ending with all in original place.
   Part II
   A1 1-8 Partners side twice.
   A2 1-2 1st couple take both hands and go four slips 
          down between 2nd couple 
          while they move four slips up outside to the top. 
      3-4 Repeat 1-2, 2nd couple slipping down inside, 1st up outside. 
      5-8 Repeat 1-4.
    (1-8) Meanwhile 3rd couple face, cross and skip around outside 
          of set, cross again at the top and back down to place.
   A3 1-8 3rd and 2nd couples repeat movement, 3rd couple slipping 
          up inside, 2nd couple down outside while 1st couple cross 
          and skip around set.
   Part III
   A1 1-8 Partners arm right, then left. 
   A2-4 1-24  Men's sheepskin hey. 
   A5-7 1-24  Women's sheepskin hey.
   Picking Up Sticks      To the tune of Lavena     Longways for six
   A1    All up a double and back twice.
   A2    First man change places with second lady, then with third man; 
         all up a double and back.
   A3    First lady changes with second man, then with third lady; 
         all up a double and back.
   A4-7  People in first couple POSITIONS continue likewise, each time
         with doubles following, until all are back in place.
   B1    Side twice with partners.
   B2    First couple join hands and slip down four steps while seconds slip
         up outside; then second slip down while first slp up outside; all this
         while third couple cross over and skip around the set to places.
   B3    Same, but THIRD couple slip up first, while first couple cross and skip.
   B1    Partners arm right and left.
   B2-4  Men the SHEEPSKIN HEY through ladies, and skip down outside ladies and 
         up their own side to places.
   B5-7  Ladies likewise SHEEPSKIN HEY, then skip down outside men
         and up their own side to places.

Picking up Sticks 3 couple longways

   Lead up a double and back; repeat.
   1st man changes places with 2nd woman, then with 3rd man; 
   all lead up a double and back. 
   Repeat with 1st woman beginning the crossing; 
   then 2nd woman; then 2nd man; then 3rd man; then 3rd woman. 
   All should now be back to places.
   Side; repeat.
   1st couple slip down between 2nd couple who slip up the outside, 
   then 2nd couple slip down the middle while ones slip up the outside; 
   repeat all that. Meanwhile 3rd couple cross over with partners and skip
   round set to places. 
   Then 3rd couple slip in between twos who slip down and so on, 
   while 1st couple cross and skip round set.
   Arm R; arm L.
   Men go the sheepskins hey round the women, 
   each last man doubling back round the middle woman and
   so becoming the leader in turn. Women go the sheepskins hey.

See an animation of this dance SvgLogoSmall.png.

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