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Dance of unknown provenance, but probably published in around 1800.
Interpreted by Bentley in 1962.\
Longways for Three Couples [c.1800]

A1  1-8  The first woman leads the women round the men.
         (women join hands)
A2  1-8  The first man leads the men round the women. (men join hands)
B1  1-8  Poussette:
         First and second couples change (first man going forward),
         first and third couples change (first man going back).
B2  1-8  Poussette back.
         First and third couples change (first man going forward),
         first and second couples change (first man back).
C1  1-8  First couple cross and continue round the second couple,
         cross again in the middle and continue round the third couple
         to the bottom of the set.
C2 1-8   Lead up the middle to the top and cast to the bottom of the set.


There was a broadside ballad called “The Physical Snob” [Roud Number: V1973] about a cobbler who moonlights as a quack physician. It goes:

I am a physical snob, Sirs,
Can cure ev'ry disease very vast!
There's no greater dab at a job, Sirs,
Than litte Emanuel Last.
A son of a seventh son I, Sirs,
Altho' in no chariot I rolls!
As a physician I patch up your bodies,
As a cobbler I patch up your soles.
With my fol de rol, &c.

Your Warnick-lane physic disciples,
Strut about, and look wond'rous big;
But alas! all their knowledge is plac'd
In a gold-headed cane and bush wig;
As for me, Sirs, I cure all distempers,
Howsomever so bad they may be;
But, like many of my learned brothers,
No prescription without I've a fee.
With my fol de rol, &c.

Master Bobby, a crop of this age,
T'other day in great haste for me sent;
Lest death should push him off life's stage,
So away the the gemman I went:
I gave him a potion for sleeping,
Which, a little while after he'd ta'en,
He was put into bed, and he slept, Sirs,
So sound that he ne'r wak'd again.
With my fol de rol, &c.

When my physical habit I quit,
As a cobbler appearing to view,
I ne'er fear each fancy shall hit,
If I gain approbation from you;
And when I'm at work in my stall,
Or in physical habit, I sing,
Whether handling the potion or awl,
Like a true Briton, God save the King.
With my, &c.
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