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Perpetual Motion

Duple minor longways, 1st couple improper, 6/8, Bb Major
Not Quite New (West Kirby Folk Dance Band), 1995.
Dance by Tom Cook; tune by John Stapledon.
Tune: Perpetual Motion

  A1 1       Neighbors face and honor.
     2-4     Partners change places: women cast right one
             place clockwise, as men gypsy right three
     5       Partners face and honor, across the set.
     6-8     Neighbors change places: men cast left one place
             counterclockwise, as women gypsy left three
  A2 1-8     Repeat A1 from here, all ending in original
  B1 1-2     Neighbors joining left hands, women move
             backward, and men forward, until the men have
             their backs to each other in a diagonal line of
             four, the 1st man being a bit further down than
             the 2nd man.
     3-4     Men turn right to face, and right-hand turn
             halfway to face partners in diagonal line of
     5-8     Two changes of a diagonal hey, with hands
             (partners left hand, women right hand).
  B2 1-6     Continue with three more changes of the diagonal
             hey (neighbors left hand, men right hand,
             partners left hand).
     7-8     Men, keeping left hand joined with partner,
             guide partners to progressed place.

Al, A2
The movements described here are four greatly embellished changes of rights and lefts! Each change begins with a short honor, followed by either a large cast out of the set or a gypsy-like move through the center of the set to end in the next place.
Al, A21
These are SHORT (two-count) honors, just 1) step; and 2) slight bow, in contrast to the more usual “slow set and honor” (in Chelsea Reach, Epping Forest and many other dances) where there are four counts to step, pause, bow, or curtsey, pause.
B2 1-2
While neighbors join left hand, they are both still facing each other (i.e. the women do not face out to join left hands.)
An intriguing dance of clever figures intertwined with a number of subtle moves.

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