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Peace and Plenty

Music in Dancing Master of 1728
Recording on Bare Necessities, Fast Friends
1728 English Dancing Master version
Interpretation by James Hargrove
Duple minor proper Tune: Peace and Plenty

8  1s cast down as 2s move up
8  1s lead down through new couple and cast up
8  lead out with neighbour and back
8  2s lead down through 1s and cast up
4  1^st  corners change
4  2^nd  corners change
4  Circle halfway
4  Turn single
16  Four changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner

Gary Roodman circa 2009.

4 couple set. C1 and C3 improper

End couples cast to middle; middle couples move out.
Actives (C1 and C4 now in middle) RH turn.
Middles 2 changes R & L

Ends (original C2 and C3) cast to middle, current
middles to ends.
Middles RH turn partner

Middles 2 changes R & L
Middles: Back to back neighbour 3/4. When L shoulder to
L shoulder, turn L single to face other way into

Back to back middles with ends (neighbours), turn and 
REVERSE back to back.

Lead out from centre with person met (partners on ends,
neighbours in middle), and back.
Middles RH across (star) half way.

At each end LH across 1/2 way.
Be ready at ends to cast immediately to start next round.



Four couple longways, 1st and 3rd couples improper, 1y Minor, 2/2
Even Odder Calculated Figures (Roodman), 2009.
Tune “Peace and Pleny or “Old Oxford” from The Dancing Master, Vol. 11, 4th Fd. (Playford as

Al 1-4 End couples cast to the middle into right-hand turn with
       partner once around; middle couples move to ends.
   5-8 Couples in the middle two changes of rights and lefts
       (with hands, beginning with partner).
A2 1-4 New end couples cast to the middle into right-hand turn,
       with partner once around; middle couples move to ends.
    5-8 Couples in the middle two changes of rights and lefts.
           [Set is now turned halfway around. ]

B1 1-4 BACK-TO-BACK WITH A FLIP: With neighbor along the
       line, back-to-back about three-quarters, until left to left
       with neighbor and
       At the very last moment, turn left (toward neighbor)
       to face back the other way (now right to right with
   5-8 REVERSE BACK-TO-BACK: Fall back, come forward and
       pass by the left back to place.
B2 1-4 ALL LEAD AWAY: With the person you meet (partner at
       top and bottom, neighbor in the middle), lead away
       from the center, then turn and lead back into
   5-8 TWO HALF STARS: Middle couples, right hands across
       halfway, into left hands across halfway with end couples.

Al A2 3-4 This right hand turn once around is very quick. 81 This figure is a variation of Fried Herman's face-en-face figure. The difference being the “flip” of “turn around” is in the middle of the back-to-back and leaves dancers side by-side
The timing in B1 usually requires a little emphasis. The flip around comes on the last beat
B2 5-8 Make the two stars with movement and drive, flowing right into the next round for the new end couples A fairly energetic and exciting four couple dance. There must be drive throughout, but also precision. ;

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