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Pat's Tradition

Cor Hogendijk in 1988.
3 C longways proper

 A1 1-4 with hands, set R & L, 4 slips to R
    5-8        set L & R (important), 4 slips to L
 A2 1-4 partners set R&L, turn S 1.25 (M face down, Women up)
    5-8 Bottom M, Top W, cast to invert set, rest follow
 B1 1-4 L hand cross (or turn 1/2) with person opposite,
        R hand cross with R diagonal if you can
    5-8 Repeat
 B2 1-4 Repeat
    5-8 Partners cross L, top C cast to bottom, others step up

The tune, My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing, is a traditional one.

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