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The Parting Lovers

(1776) 7 x 48 Bars

no Instructions

The tune and title may have been associated with Henry Carey's Nancy; or, The Parting Lovers, “A Musical Interlude,” staged with success at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in 1739. The piece shows “the force of love in low life,” according to Erskine, Jones & Reed's Biographia Dramatica (1812), “and appears to have had a foundation in fact”:

At the beginning of the late impress, the author saw a young fellow hurried away by a press-gang, and followed by his sweet-heart; a very pretty wench, and perfectly neat, though plain in her dress: her tears, her distress, and moving softness, drew attention and compassion from all who beheld her.

It was frequently revived at the beginning of a war, generally with success. A later adaptation was called True Blue; or, the Press Gang.

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