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Parson's Farewell 2 couples

   Meet, slip to L; fall back, slip to R.
   Men rise, women rise, all rise 4 times; turn contrary. 
   Repeat, women rising first.
   Lead partner in R hand, lead contrary out R hand; 
   and back L hand, fall back with partner to places.
   Men cross offering R hand but giving L, pass by L 
   and turn contrary R (sk.s.); men cross back L and turn partner R. 
   Women cross offering L, but giving R, pass by R and turn contrary L; 
   cross back R and turn partner L.
   Partners take both hands and slip in, 
   take contrary both hands and slip out; 
   slip in, fall back R hand with partner.
   Partners turn R hands, men cross R, all face partners; 
   circular hey 2 changes, partners half turn.
   Immediately partners turn L, women cross L, face partners; 
   hey 2 changes, partners half turn.
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