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Painted Chamber or Country Farmer's Daughter

English, Country Dance Tune (6/4 time). C Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB
Longways duple minor (Note: 4 bar A music- I bar B music)

A1 1-2  1st couple change places R.S. and turn to face.
A1 3-4  1st couple cast while 2nd couple lead up and turn to face
A2 1-2  1st couple and NEXT 2nd couple lead down in a line of 4
        (1st couple on outside and improper).
A2 3-4  1st man and 2nd woman change places R.S. while lst
        woman l and 2nd man change places L.S.
B1 1-6  1st couple and 2nd couple with whom they are dancing a
        double figure 8 stdning by lst woman crossing in front of
        1st man whilst moving up, the 2nd couple meanwhile
        casting down.
B1 7-8  1st couple move up changing onto their own side to stand
        between their original znd couple facing up.
B2 1-4  1st couple and their original 2nd couple lead up a double
        in line and cast round into their progressed place (gates up).
B2 5-8  All set and turn single.

Source: The Compleat Country Dancing Master J. Walsh 1718.
O Copyright 1985 Kepas Consultants. Eynsham Oxford

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