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Over the Hills and Far Away

Beverly Francis did a dance somewhat like this at Rochester 2016 Ball to the traditional tune. However, I take responsibility or blame for mis-remembering the figures below. — nashjc 2016/10/01 17:40

Duple minor proper

There's plenty of time for each figure, so use up the music.

Artificial recording:

A1 1-8 Rights and Lefts - 4 changes. Slow.
A2 1-8 Right hands across (star R), Left hands back. Use full 8 bars.
B1 1-4 C1 cross and go below, C2 step up (if possible elegantly), 
   5-8 C1 1/2 figure 8 up through C2 to get proper
B2 1-4 All back to back partner.
   5-8 All turn 2 hands

Two ABC versions of the tune are:

Nice vocal version on YouTube at

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