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Oswestry Wake    4 cpl. longways    Walsh 1728  (int. N. Broadbridge)
A1 (1-8)   Hands in line, all fwd. D & back; turn S Rt & cross Rt-sh with Ptn.
A2 (1-8)   Repeat to places.
B1 (1-8)   1st.C lead down thro' 2ndC, outside 3rdC, between 4thC, turn S away from Ptr.
B2 (1-8)   8-h circle to Lt and Rt.
C1 (1-8)   1stC lead up to top, set & turn S in top place.
C2 (1-8)   1stC 1/2 fig.8 down thro' 2ndC; Swing to bottom place with X-hands, others moving up.
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