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Ore Boggy

Longways duple minor
Neal, 1726
Tune: 2/2, A major
Modern source: A Choice Collection of Country Dances As Printed and Sold by John and William Neal in Christ Church Yard, Dublin, c. 1726 (Rich Jackson and George Fogg, CDS Boston Centre, 1990)

A1         1s lead down and cast back, 2-hand turn.
A2         2s lead up and cast back, 2-hand turn.
B1         1s cross and go below (2s move up), half figure-8 up.
B2         Rights and lefts with hands, 4 changes.

Experienced dancers will note that the figures are the same as those for “Take a Dance”

“ore boggy” was a cart for carrying ore, but it should actually be spelled “O'er Bogie”, Bogie being a river in Scotland. According to Graham Christian there were different marriage requirements on the different sides of the Boggie, and young couples would cross it to make it easier to get married.

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