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Once a night

3C longways
Tune: Ye Social Powers



A1 1-8  C1 cast to middle, C2 move up
        C1 and C3 circle L
A2 1-8  C1 cast up to place while C2 move down
        C1 and C2 circle L
B1 1-16 C1 crossover mirror heys (skip?)
        (C1 cross down, C2 bulge, C3 in and up)
B2 1-16 C1 cross back into heys on own side
        (C2 and C3 same path as before)
C  1-8  C1 lead through C3, case up to middle,
        then lead up thru C2 and cast to bottom,
        C2 and C3 moving up on last 4 beats
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