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The Old Mill




The Old Mill - Three couple set, John Walsh's 1718 collection A1 1-6 1st man casts below 2nd man, right-hand turns 3rd woman once and casts above 2nd woman to his partner's original place while 1st woman balances back then follows her partner round 2nd man and overtakes him as he is turning 3rd woman, crossing the set below 2nd couple, and (now followed by 1st man) casts up around 2nd woman and crosses the set again into 1st man's original position, where she turns about left to face him. 7-8 1's left-hand turn half-way to original places. A2 1st woman casts down, left-hand turns 3rd man and follows her partner to his original place while 1st man balances back, follows her and overtakes her as she turns 3rd man, then casts up to original place where he turns about right to face her; 1's right-hand half-way to original places. B1 Keeping right hands, 1's lead down the middle and (with man below woman) face 2nd and 3rd woman; then without pause, both do a hey for three across the room (1st man with 3's, 1st woman with 2's) starting as the 1's hey between the women and then those women between their partners. Finally (after a complete hey) 1's right-hand turn three-quarters to finish improper in middle places. B2 1-4 1's (now in middle) cross right shoulders, cast up to the top proper, face down, turn single down and away from each other and again face down with 2's and 3's facing up. 5-8 1's lead down the middle to the bottom, the other couples coming up the outside to follow; 1's cast up to the middle places above 2's who remains at bottom, 3's finish in top places. All are progressed.

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