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THE OLD JUBILEE        Tri min                       Wilson 1816
Al                1 st Wo cast (2nd Wo moving up) & turn 3rd Mon Rh, then 1 st Wo with 2nd
                Man & 3rd Co hands 4 L once round as 1 st Man & 2nd Wo turn with 2
                hands at top;

A2                1 st Man cast (2nd Man moving up) & turn 3rd Wo Lh, then 1 st & 3rd Co's

                hands 4 R once round as 2nd Co turn with 2 hands at top:

Bl                1 st Co lead down through 3rd Co & cast back to middle, then oll set & turn


B2                1 st Co face down, 3rd Co face up & 2nd Co foce across for grand chain

                once round with hands
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