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Longways, duple minor 2/4 (AAB)

   A1  1-4    1st Cpl: Cross & move down outside into the mddle of line of 4 facing up
       5-8    Line: lead up a dbl & back (end in line facing original crnrs)
   A2  1-4    With Cnrn: Gypsy RSh, end into a diamond formation 
              (1st cpl in center, M below, L above & 2nd Cpl back home / proper)
       5-8    1st Cpl: 2H turn once round
   B   1-4    1st Cpl & 2nd L: Circl L, till 1st M is in 1st L position; turn sngl L (L finshing facing 2nd M)
       5-8    2L & 2nd M: Circl L, till 2nd M is in 2nd L position; turn sngl L (all home & improper)         
       9-12   All facing prntr: 2 changes of square Hey (with H)
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