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Nonesuch or A la mode de France From “The Playford Ball”

         Longways for 4 couples
   Part I
   A  1-8 Partners lead up a double and fall back a double. That again.
   B  1-8 Partners set and turn single. That again. 
   Part II
   A  1-4 With a light spring 1st couple set forward to meet (1), 
          join hands, slip down between 2nd couple (2), then 1st 
          man turn out to right to face 2nd man, while 1st woman 
          turn to left to face 2nd woman (3-4).
      5-8 Taking both hands, 1st man push 2nd man up and out 
          obliquely a double and draw back, then open out to face 
          across the set, 1st man ending in second place and 2nd man 
          in first place. Meanwhlle 1st and 2nd women do the same.
   B  1-8 The same four, now facing partners, fall back a double and 
          move forward a double (1-4) and turn partners two-hands (5-8).
   AB x 4     Repeat II four more times, the couple in top place 
              joining in when the leading couple starts from
              third place. The original bottom couple ends in top 
              place and becomes 1st couple.
   Part III
   A  1-4 Partners half side {left shoulder} across the set, 
          then turn single right.
      5-8 Partners half side {right shoulder} back to place 
          and turn single right.
   B    1 In top place, the new 1st man, with a light spring, 
          move to the center of the set facing down.
        2 His partner, the new 1st woman, do the same, 
          ending facing up, facing partner.
      3-8 In sequence, each couple do the same, first the man, 
          then the woman.
   Part IV
   A  1-8 Partners arm right, then left.
   B  1-4 Partners facing, all go four slips out to left 
          and back into line.
      5-8 Continuing the movement, all go four slips out to 
          right and back. 
   Part V
   A  1-8 First man move out to place on the side of the set 
          with a light spring (1).
          His partner the same (2), and the rest the same, in 
          sequence as in Part III, B 3-8.
   BA 1-16 Progressive hey with hands: 1st couple begin by taking 
           right hands, everyone else face up and begin when 1st 
           man or woman reaches them. All move completely around 
           the set to finish where they began the hey.

A shorter presentation:

Nonesuch (4 couple longways)

I.        A. Lead up a double & fall back; repeat

         B. Set and turn single. to partner; repeat

II. A. Cpl.1 set fd to meet, slip down between Cpl.2,

        turn out to face same-sex neighbor; on diagonal, 
        M1 and W1 push nbr out and draw bk, opening out to face 
        across in prog. places
         B. Same four, facing partner, fall bk a double and 
        move fd. a double, turn partners 2-hands

Repeat 4x, top cpl. joining in when lead cpl. starts from 3rd place; orig. bottom couple ends in top place and becomes Couple1

III. A. Partners side over, turn single right; partners side back

        to place, turn single right

B. New first man spring to ctr of set, facing down, his partner does the

   same, facing up toward partner; each couple do likewise

IV. A. Partners arm R, L; face partner,

        all go 4 slips to left and back into line

B. Continue, slipping 4 steps to R & back

V. A. First man spring out to place; partner and others do the same in sequence

BA. Progressive hey, with hands: Couple1 start by taking RH, others face up and

    join in; go all around set to finish from this starting place


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