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News From Tripoli

Playford 1702
Graham Christian (2015)
Longways for as many as will

   A1    6  First man cast into second place, 
            as second lady casts into first place
         9  Same two pass by left in center, go right around partner
         9  ...then pass by right and go left around contrary
             All are now progressed
   A2   24  Second man and first lady do the same
             All are now home
   B1   12  Right hands across and left back
        12  Three changes of a hey (start with partner)
   B2    9  First couple lead down and cast back to place
         9  First couple lead up and cast back to place
         6  All turn partners


DM 12th edition 1703, duple (slightly different version)

A1      M1 cast down, W2 cast up, and whole fig 8 round 
        2nd corners(pass rt sh in middle then lt)
        2nd corners move up or down at end as appropriate
A2      2nd corners same (back to original places)
B1 1-4  RH across, LH back
   5-8  3 changes circular hey, begin with partner
B2      C1  lead down thru couple below, cast up around them
        then lead thru couple above and cast down and turn 
        partner 2H

'News from Tripoli'…was a catchphrase used to introduce a particularly sour state-of-the-world humor of the toastmaster variety“

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