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A New Rigadoon

Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Playford, 1690, interpreted by Andrew Shaw, 1995
Tune: New Rigadoon

A1   1-8   M1 turns partner by the right hand, then M2 by the left hand.
A2   1-8   W2 turns partner by the right hand, then W1 by the left hand.
B1   1-8   1s cross, move down below 2s, and half figure 8 up through 2s, 
              2s move up.

B2   1-4   1s gated down through new 2s below  up to their progressed place.
     5-8        All two-hand turn partner.
The rigaudon (French: [ʁiɡodɔ̃, ʁiɡɔdɔ̃], Occitan: [riɣawˈðu]), anglicized as rigadon or rigadoon, is a French baroque dance with a lively duple metre. The music is similar to that of a bourrée, but the rigaudon is rhythmically simpler with regular phrases (eight measure phrases are most common). It originated as a sprightly 17th-century French folk dance for couples.

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