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Longways for Three Couples

Historical English Style


   A1           M1 & W1 start cross-over heys
                (as in "Prince William"), M1 passing W3 R shoulder,
                W1 passing M3 L shoulder, back to places,
                except C1 who end improper.
   A2 1-2       C1 lead down to meet C3 
                while C2 dance up outside position1. [[Hint:|Use all the music!]]
    3-6         C1 & C3 R hands across 1*, while C2 turn RH 1*
    7-8         Everyone turn single.
                End Couples                       Middle Couple
                ===========                       =============
    B1 1-2      Lead fwd to meet in middle.
       3-4      Retire.                           Meet in the middle.
       5-6      Go fwd again, pass opposite R     Retire.
       7-8      Cast away from ptnr               Half gypsy to change
                and onto ends of lines            places.
                End couples have now changed places; all couples are proper.
       9-16    Everyone go back to back with partner and two-hand turn.

MUSIC: Minuet from G. F. Handel's “Water Music”, Suite No. 3 in G.

Recording: Old Friends, track 15

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