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Fringe Benefits by Fried De Metz-Herman
Duple Minor, longways

   A1  1-2  Right hands across 1/2 way (keep hands)
       3-4  Move the star one place clockwise (2 steps), W face downwards 
       5-8  Men move around Ptr CLw (passing RSh)   
   B1  1-4  Dancers in 1Cr places dance LSh chrevron:
          1-2  2M and 1W (in first corner places), cross by LSh, end facing up/down respectively
          3-4  Same people, fall back along the line (to 2Cr positions), while 2Cr dancers
                cast 1M up, 2W down
       5-8  The two women move around own Ptr CCLw (passing LSh)
   B2  1-2  2C lead up (inside hands joined)
       3-4  2C set R&L (2 hands joined)
       5-6  2C lead down (inside hands joined)
       7-8  2C cast up,1C lead down
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