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Muriel's Measure

C. Hume 1995, Dances with a difference #4
Recording on Boston Centre #8:

Duple minor

 A1 1-4 1Cpl set, Rt-h turn 1/2 way
    5-8 Men cross, W cross
 A2 1-4 All B to B with Ptn.
    5-8 4-h circle 3/4 way round & open to line of 4, facing 
        up [[2Cpl|on Lt,1C on Rt.end]]
 B1 1-8 Line up D & back. Face Ptn. for hey 1/2 way, ending 
        facing Ptn.
 B2 1-4 All turn Ptn. Rt-h 3/4 way, finishing beside Ptn. 
        1Cpl. on M's side.
    5-8 All Lt-h star 11/4 to progressed place.


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