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Mrs. Savage's Whim


Dancing Master II, Published in Fallibroome #1

longways duple minor


Part  Beats   Description
A1     12     1st gent step and honor 2nd lady. Gents 2-H turn.
       12     1's back to back(6) and turn single L(6).
A2     12     2nd lady step and honor 1st gent. Ladies 2-H turn.
       12     2's back to back(6) and turn single L(6).
B      12     1's cross and dance outside to 2nd place/2’s move 
              in and lead up (6); all back-to-back partner (6)
       12     1's 1/2-figure 8 up (9) and turn single away (lady L, 
              gent R) (3)

The back-to-back moves in parts A1 and A2 are, for this dance, traditionally performed so that the dancing couple pass R shoulders forward, then retire until they have just passed their left shoulders (and could look each other in the eye), then they both turn single R to place. Will practise, this can be very stylish.


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