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Mr. Young's Delight

Longways duple minor, 2/2 meter
Playford, 1696, interpreted by Fried Herman, 1995

A        1-8        Circle left half-way around, 
                    fall back away from partner, 
                    come forward, and cloverleaf 
                    turn single (M1 and W2 left, 
                    and W1 and M2 right).
         9-12       1st corners cross left shoulder, 
                    then 2nd corners cross right shoulder.
         13-16      All fall back and come forward 
                    turning into a back ring.
B1       1-4        Back ring to right half-way, 
                    then all turn to face partner.
         5-8        1s (in 2nd place improper) lead down a double, 
                    turn in towards partner and lead up again.
B2       1-4        2s (in 1st place improper), lead up 
                    a double, turn in towards partner 
                    and lead down again.
         5-8        All two-hand turn partner half-way and 
                    turn single left.
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